I have been hoping to make one of the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association’s National Rally’s for some time now. This year with the rally location conveniently located in Salem Oregon it was all too easy for us to attend! Most of my bikes are at home in Utah, but I keep a bike at our place in Portland as well, a 2009 BMW F800 ST. All we had to do was to be in Portland and jump on the bike and go!

BMW-2013-gMy wife Sara and I just rode down for the day to check things out. The rally went from Thursday thru Sunday but we could only attend on Saturday. Salem is about 60 miles south of Portland but on the back-roads it took about an hour and a half to ride down.

On the way we stopped at a coffee shop in the little town of Silverton for a snack. While we were there we met a couple from Texas who had been at the rally and were now headed north. We enjoyed an interesting conversation with them before we each departed. I really do enjoy the interesting people you meet when you are out on the road!

We arrived on Saturday which was really the last day of the rally. I think there were quite a few people who had already come and gone but we were here now and it was all new to us. The vendors booths were interesting but I was hoping to see more stuff. I heard that the number of vendors was down from previous rally’s. There were quite a few seminars scheduled during the rally but we wouldn’t be attending any this year.


I particularly enjoyed the vintage bike display where there were many fine bikes to view. Apparently some owners brought their precious ones for the rest of us to enjoy. The bikes seemed to fall into 2 distinct categories. First were the show queens which were beautiful but probably never ridden, they were too perfect. Second were the original condition riders, which seemed well cared for but have been ridden all their lives. This second group was the most interesting to me and included what was probably a mid-1920’s era BMW. It was a nice collection of bikes.

After a few hours of looking at motos, shopping and eating we decided that it was time to go. We had a nice ride back home to look forward to and it was time to go. Perhaps if I had ridden a thousand miles I would stay longer, but this was just a day trip for us.

For more pictures of the rally you can see the Picasa web album here.


Tuscany on two wheels

October 17, 2011

Okay here was our plan, jump on a plane and go ride a motorbike in Italy for a week or so. We made the arrangements with Central Italy Motorcycle Tours to rent a bike and pick it up at their office in Pontedera,  just outside of Pisa. They do group tours but also rent bikes for individual travel.  The bike we rented was a 2010 BMW R1200RS which is a newer model of the same bike I ride at home. Riding a familiar bike would be helpful in an unfamiliar country . We were not going with a tour group, we were just renting the bike and going where we wanted. Here is a rough account of our adventure.

Picking up the bike at the agents office in Italy.

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Streetmasters cornering clinic

September 25, 2011

I signed up for a weekend moto skills clinic put on by Streetmasters at Willow Springs International Raceway in southern Cal. The clinic is designed for touring, sport touring and sportbike riders to help improve their cornering skills. I have been riding for many years but I thought that a little continuing education in this area wouldn’t hurt. These guys and gals in the red shirts were my instructors, many of them being current or retired motorcycle cops for different agencies in California.

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Dante’s View in the afternoon

Death Valley has been a favorite destination of ours for a long time. We have visited there many times but we keep going back, this time on our motorcycle. On this trip we took the camper and motorbike in the trailer. We also met our friends Judy and Nolan who came out from Pahrump to ride with as well. Enjoy the slideshow at Picasa web albums.

Motorcycling in Spain!

October 31, 2010


Sights in the old Roman city of Ronda

Just returned from a fall trip to Spain. My wife Sara and I spent a good part of the trip motorcycling in the Andalucia region of southern Spain. This area is full of ancient Roman and Moorish cities, whitewashed mountain-top villages and twisty mountain roads alongside the Mediterranean. A direct flight from JFK to Malaga made getting here quite easy. Here are some brief  highlights of our trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world!

October 6, 2009

What is an “oldairhead” you ask?  We’ll basically, it is a vintage air-cooled motorcycle or an afficiando of such.  BMW motorcycles are most often given this label. Oldairhead is also my unique online identity and it allows me communicate with others while maintaining some personal security.  This is my homepage of sorts, kind of a table of contents to my online world with links to many of the sites that I frequent.  It remains a work in progress and will change frequently.  Please feel free to share my interests by browsing these sites and pages.  You will find no personal information about me here, that is reserved for my close friends.  If you would like to contact me, simply post a comment and include your contact information.  I will reply at my earliest convenience.